BICA - A Brief History

The inaugural meeting of an interim Committee of the Bruny Island Community Association was held following the Easter Ox Roast at Alonnah on the 26th April 1980. Incorporation of the Association as The Bruny Island Community Association Inc. occurred on the 12th June 1980. The Association’s voice Bruny Newsst edition was published during October 1980.

The Association, following amalgamation with the Bruny Tourism Group was incorporated as The Bruny Island Community And Tourist Association Inc. on 23rd July 1986.

During the period 1990-1994 with community interest and energies directed to the “Fight Against Council Amalgamation”, interest in the Association waned with 1993 and 1994 AGM not having a quorum. Audit Reports and Balance Sheets were sent to the Commissioner for Corporate Affairs to “wind up” the Association as an incorporated body on 15th February 1994.

The Community Association continued publishing Bruny News and with its chequered history behind it and with renewed vigour the Association was incorporated as Bruny Island Community Association Inc. on 24th March 1997. The Association continues to provide a valuable forum for airing issues affecting our community and takes the community's voice to Local and State Governments seeking appropriate actions.

The Association also assists other community organisations in their endeavours and using funds raised by Bruny News advertising, provides financial support to community related development projects. BICA Inc continues to welcome further applications for consideration.

Membership of the Association

The basic objects of the Association are:-

In order to achieve the above objects:

BICA General Meetings

General Meetings are held on the second Sunday of each month. Meetings commence at 11.00am conclude at around 12.30pm with a "sausage sizzle".